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Not “Paleo”. On Purpose.

Paleo and its copycats are extremely rigid and hard to follow.

What’s more, they’re .

That’s the secret the “paleo gurus” don’t want you to know.

Paleo diets are based on almost NO evidence. They’re pure guesswork.

In fact, what scientific evidence there is actually debunks the theories that paleo promotes.

PRIMAL Eating Teaches You the Diet of The Healthiest People On Earth!

There are people on this planet today who have:

  • Perfect BMI
  • Nearly no modern metabolic diseases
  • Long lives
  • No nutrient deficiencies
  • Amazing blood pressure
  • Exceptional fitness

Who are they?

They’re our modern “cavemen”: the remaining hunter-gatherer tribes of the world.

is the FIRST book to show how they eat in a way that keeps them perpetually healthier than people in the modern world.

Little known fact: food is the most important factor to your weight and body composition, not exercise.

That’s right…

  • Your DIET will make you lean (not the gym)
  • Your DIET will increase your energy
  • Your DIET will have people thinking you’re 10 or 20 year younger without going under the knife (look at both of the authors of this book!)

Know Thy Enemy: The Big Food Agenda Is Making You Sick And Addicted To Unnatural “Foods”

You have a lot working against you when you try to get lean.

Food companies have labs full of “food engineers” who are researching ways to make you addicted to their low-quality products.

We’re going to pull back the curtain to show you what they’re up to.

It’ll make you angry, but once you know their tricks, you won’t fall for them again.

The Diet For People Who Don’t Want to Track

Know what?

Humans managed to be healthy and fit for tens of thousands of years without calorie counting.

is a diet for people who don’t want to be logging every bite of food that passes their lips.

You’ll learn an intuitive approach to eating. No more cumbersome apps!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In PRIMAL Eating:

  • What foods the healthiest people on earth actually eat (you’ll be shocked how easily you can eat like them!)
  • The best times to eat and patterns of eating
  • How and why the modern diet and Big Food has wrecked your health
  • How to unlock the unexpected relationships between food and your body
  • A specific list of foods to AVOID
  • The right way to use intermittent fasting to get lean and ripped
  • How eating right can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your risk of disease
  • And much more!

What Health Professionals And Others Are Saying About PRIMAL Eating 

“This book provides a thorough, historical, and scientific perspective about how humans were meant to live and eat. As a physician, I would recommend this book to all of my patients.”

- Dr. Nick Greiner (@drnickgreiner), Greiner Health Solutions

“This is book is such a great resource for anyone looking to dial in their health and wellness. I especially love the all the information regarding our current food supply and how manufacturers have been deceiving us! Knowing this info alone will absolutely get you making better food choices.”

- Amanda Nighbert, RD (@amandanighbert), Founder of the LEAN fitness program

“[Chris and Cynthia have] created a book I can sink my teeth into. Finally a book on primal eating I can refer my patients to for hormonal and glucose balance and a means to live your best life.”

- Shawn Tassone, MD PhD

“Primal Eating is a comprehensive, thorough, and easy to read text on the topic of food choices for optimal health. The book delves into the history of nutrition and discusses the necessity for seasonal variation of intake. 

I highly recommend this book as a general overview of nutrition as well as a template for wellness. I will gladly point my patients toward this resource as a guide for diet education and meal planning.”

- Michael J. Meighen, MD

“Primal Eating dives in and gets to the root of why and how our standard American diet (SAD) has made us fat, sick, and tired and gives the reader real guidance on what a ‘healthy’ diet truly looks like. 

The authors don’t subscribe to the latest diet fads. They use evidence, both ancestral and modern-day research, to help readers make good food and movement choices. It's an enlightening and eyeopening read that's essential for anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life."

- Ben Angel (Bestselling Author of, "Unstoppable - A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind And Body For Success.)


PRIMAL Eating for Gains

A 17 page guide to eating for  

I’ve added significant new muscle mass and increased my max lifts in the past few months . I just learned how to eat for gains.

Now I’m going to teach you.

Learn all about:

* The best sources of protein to fuel muscle building

* Using meal timing to take control of when your body builds muscle

* How much protein you should be eating every day

* What BCAAs are and whether you should be taking them

Intermittent Fasting: A Transformational Technique

A 9 page guide to intermittent fasting, based on Cynthia Thurlow’s viral YouTube video with over

PRIMAL Eating also includes a Two Weeks of PRIMAL Eating guideline! We put together a delicious sample diet that uses the PRIMAL Eating principles so you can see just how easy it is!


PRIMAL Eating was written by

Chris Neander (@ThePrimalMan): an athlete of over 20 years who has studied primitive diets extensively.

Cynthia Thurlow, RN: a nurse practitioner, functional nutritionist, TEDx speaker, and nutrition expert on her local ABC affiliate.

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